A Facebook launch is a critical step in getting your book launched. The reason is, this is where your launch team can especially help you spread the word and get your book’s momentum building. Here are some items to think about when you are getting ready to set up your Facebook launch:

-What incentives are you offering people to attend the launch?

Usually, I would suggest doing a raffle or giveaway during the launch to increase engagement and value of time.

-When are you available?

You need an uninterrupted block of about 2-4 hours of your time to focus on the launch. This needs to be somewhere with a RELIABLE high-speed Internet connection.

-Can you get your launch team to engage in the event?

It is critical to have a good launch team in place to help promote the event. Offer an incentive for people to invite their friends and join the conversation.


Steps to Building a Successful Facebook Launch

Create the Facebook event on your author page (or personal if you don’t have an author page yet). If you don’t have an author page and are an LPC author, then we will host the event on LPC’s main Facebook site for you. Here are the steps to create an event.

Click through the slideshow for the How to Create a Facebook Event tutorial.

Learn Tips On Running Your Facebook Launch

Learn how to run a Facebook launch by clicking on the Learn More button now. That page explains what you should post during the event, items to give away, and other critical tips.

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