How do I find guest blogging opportunities? All too often I find authors asking me this question. So my answer is simply this. Networking. Therefore I have started to compile a list of guest blogging opportunities for authors. If you would like your site to be added to this list please sign up at and click on the add to blog opportunities box for your blog to be added. The authors on this table of blogging opportunities are all Christian authors. Where it says submission form to apply you simply submit this form. Thank you for joining us in this new Author Network.

Blogging Opportunities

Blog Link Types of posts acceptedWay to submit your postingContact Name
www.faithofourfoundingfathers.comSince nearly everyone has opinions about faith, politics and how they intertwine I would like to offer you the chance to express your opinions and get your own bit of advertising in as well. From now through the end of the month I am taking submissions for blog posts about any of the presidents and how you feel their faith (and in some cases lack of) have affected their policies and politics. These will be for another authors blog about the faith of our founding fathers and will be used rather quickly. Please don't plug your book in it if you can as I will be putting your information including your book links at the bottom.Submission formMeaghan
www.UnfoldingHisWord.comThis blog is for ministry leaders with tips on how to better teach your bible studies and classes. If you are a ministry leader and have a blog you would like to submit to guest post on this site please feel free to submit it.Submission formMeaghan
www.janeherlong.comFun, Fun, Fun- We have an author at LPC who inspires these words to a T. If you would like to write a blog post for this authors blog it needs to be about finding fun and faith in items that perhaps are not so funny or uplifting. These stories should be shorter, fun, and uplifting in their message. Personal struggles are welcome but the ending should be about lifting yourself up and putting a smile back on your face.Submission formMeaghan
www.dlkoontz.comAngels, Demons, and Ghosts- This is another one of those controversial topics... (notice a trend here at all?) This is an area where there is much variation of beliefs. If you have experienced something you cannot explain your welcome to blogabout it and tell us what you think it was, what happened, and how it affected your relationship with God. Stories about miracles and the unexplained (God's gifts) are welcome here as well. This should be no more than 7 paragraphs and should include a photo for the post.Submission formMeaghan
www.dlkoontz.comUnique Lists- I am looking for blog posts that have unique lists involved. Something you don't see everyday. For example I have a blog that is 10 things you should know before you move south... It covers a range of fun topics you don't readily think about like the dialect difference, ordering tea and many more. These are the kind of fun blog posts that make great fillers and are typical to become viral items.Submission formMeaghan
www.MarianneJordan.orgRecipies/Book Reviews/Guest blogs (general)/Writing Tips/ Movie Reviews/Music ReviewsSubmission formMeaghan (Site will have new clean look and go national in January) Book Reviews- I am taking book reviews from guest authors for a book review website that is being built. If you are interested in reviewing any books please send a short honest review of 3-7 paragraphs to me. This cannot be for your book however I will feature your book and your bio at the bottom so please put your bio and your title at the bottom of the post for me.Submission formMeaghan
www.judithrolfs.blogspot.comHappy to have guest blogs on inspirational family topics that encourage parents and grandparents. Also anything interesting about Lake Geneva - the setting for my inspirational mystery to jwrolfs@charter.netJudith Rolfs
seriouslywrite.blogspot.comI'm the Wednesday hostess for the Seriously Write blog where we encourage writers and provide writing tips. My schedule runs as follows: 1st Wed. - Research; 2nd - Marketing; 3rd - Creativity; 4th - Business/Organization. If you'd like to write a 250-500 word post on one of these topics, please email me at I'd also need your photo, cover photo, and short bio. I'm scheduling for November through January.Email first to sandraardoin@gmail.comJudith Rolfs
www.normagail.comOn Mondays I feature the 2MefromHim Devotional; Wandering Wednesdays is for just about anything, writing topics, writer interviews, missions, anything interesting or fun; Fabulous Fridays is for book reviews or author interviews, frequently with a book giveaway. Send me what you have and I will let you know the earliest I can schedule it. If it is relating to a specific date, I will do my best to accomodate!Submission formMeaghan
www.lovelinesfromgod.comThis blog is mainly a devotional blog to encourage those who are on a spiritual journey with Christ but also includes recipes and Bible studies. If you would like to contribute a devotion or recipe, please email first for guidelines.Email to mandmwiles@gmail.comMartin
http://rebekahtrittipoe.comThis blog is a little bit about anything. As an endurance runner and coach, many posts feature physical challenges. Others deal with family matters, general contemplations and devotions, and the journey toward full-time ministry.Email to rtrittipoe@aol.comRebekah is just starting to host authors. You can email Meaghan for the authors questionaire (blog feature items)Submission formMeaghan blog is mainly a devotional blog that demonstrates, via light and encouraging articles how God ministers to us through the mundane of life. I accept guest bloggers to help promote books. Would prefer a short devo along with cover, blurb, bio, links and pic. Email: lindarondeau@gmail.comLinda is a mlti-author blog. I assign authors a post date. The autor needs to be an administrator and manage their own posts. Also contains short book logs and news items. If interested in being a contributor author, contact me. Email: lindarondeau@gmail.comLinda blog is followed mostly by writers and editors (aspiring to established). So feel free to submit writing or editing tips, encouragements, insights, etc. Please send to my assistant, Christi McGuire, at assistant@kathyide.comChristi
http://livingourfaithoutloud.blogspot.comThis blog is for reviews, promotions, guest spots geared mostly for readers and feeds to other online media. I take a lot of different kinds of material. Contact me for a spot and information.Email: lisalickel@gmail.comLisa
http:www.authordebsprinkle.comGuest devotionals/ guest interviews/ book reviews/ book spotlights Submission formMeaghan
http://www.authorgreghicks.comauthor interviews/book reviews/ sports devotionals/ wrestling related/ devotionalsSubmission formMeaghan
www.JudithDuCharme.comGuest devotionals/ book spotlights/ author interviews/ Packers (football) related Submission formMeaghan
www.jturney.comGuest posts/ author interviews/ character interviews/ more... Submission formMeaghan to England (European) and American-set anywhere from Robin Hood's 1200 A.D. to Downton Abbey's World War I and also WWII. Titles that have drama and heart.Submission formMeaghan and writer's aid items Submission formMeaghan postings for authors of all Christian genres and nonfiction. Submission formMeaghan Fiction guest postings Submission formMeaghan, self help, nonfiction, and business Submission formMeaghan Fiction, Historical Fiction, Devotional, Nonfiction, Mystery, Suspense, Speculative FictionSubmission formMeaghan Fiction, Historical Fiction, Devotional, Nonfiction, Romantic Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Speculative Fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Self Help, BusinessesSubmission formMeaghan for inquiries Submission formMeaghan Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Speculative Fiction. Submission formMeaghan

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Can I Choose Who I Host?

Yes. You choose who you host in our program. You will be offered any blog posts that seem appropriate for your site and it is up to you to choose when, how many, and whom you host on your site.

Do Blog Submissions Have To Be Originals?

Not always. On the form there is a box that asks if this post is published elsewhere. If it is it may limit the blogs that are interested in it but it is still able to be submitted for consideration.

How Do I Get Credit For My Posts?

All participating blogs are required to feature you in attribution for any post they use by way of your name and website or email contact if available. Posting without attribution of another authors work is illegal and can result in serious legal penalties. Meaghan Burnett does not condone or allow any blogs into the program that do not attribute your work properly. If an occurrence should happen the author is expelled from the program.

Is There A Cost For These Programs?

No, you do not need to pay a fee to be a hosting site, or submit your blogs for use on other sites. The pinterest network is free as well. The purpose of these programs are networking for Christian authors as a whole.

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