During the upcoming release of a new author promotions website we are offering the opportunity to the public to submit your novel for consideration to be one of the featured titles on the site during the beta testing phase of release. This website will offer readers the chance to read and be active in promoting your books on social media in exchange they will receive points. These points can be redeemed for cash or other prizes including book promotions for your own book as an author if you participate.

At this time you are able to submit your book using the form below. Beta testing submissions will be featured for FREE for the first 2 weeks of the site launch. Once the beta phase is over those books chosen will not be able to resubmit to the site for feature again for 6-8 weeks minimum. Since there is many authors and not many spaces for this free offer the books need to meet this basic criteria to be eligible for consideration:

1. Must be available on Amazon

2. Needs to have a minimum of 10 positive reviews on Amazon. (4 star or higher.) **** If your book is released within the last 1-2 weeks this requirement is void and editorial reviews will be accepted with a minimum of 5 editorial reviews).

3. Book must be submitted by the author themselves OR the publisher directly. If submitting from a publisher please email Meaghan.M.Burnett@gmail.com to submit directly.

Space is competitive and submission does not guaranty a spot. Selected titles will receive email confirmation from Meaghan.M.Burnett@gmail.com. The selection process can take up to 2 weeks. Please be as thorough on your form as possible for the best chance of selection. All genres except for erotica are welcome for submission.

Titles that are not selected during the submission process are eligible to reapply for the paid promotions post launch at a 10% discount. There is no fee for submitting your title for the beta launch testing of the site. Should your book be one of the titles selected please remember you will be unable to reapply for further featured title status for 6-8 weeks.

Please remember that you will be able to gain points redeemable towards marketing of your title by helping other titles during the site launch. Details of the launch date, site URL and early membership will be announced on the Beta Testing Facebook group by August 5th, 2015.


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Join the Beta Testing group for the upcoming release of the author networking site. This site will offer subscribers (including authors) points for helping other books in social media and for reading/reviewing the featured titles. These points can be redeemed for marketing for YOUR book or for cash!


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