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Offering many options for authors including assistance with prelaunch, publishing, building social media bases, integrated branded platforms, website assistance, blogging, and access to professional editors.

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Services available for speakers including publishing assistance for books, social media platforms, assistance with Google ranking and more. Help you reach a new audience and engage new venues.

For Businesses

Services for businesses to expand your social media base, hire virtual assistants, product management and much more. Make your office more efficient as well as build a new platform for your business today.

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Isn't all marketing expensive?

In a word, no. There are many top quality vendors like myself that offer superior service without damaging your wallet. What it really comes down to is doing your homework, making sure the consultant/vendor/etc. is driven, real, and can help you get where you want your work to go.

My work is different... How do I know this style of marketing will work?

Social media is the platforms I cultivate first along with an integrated branded website. This is to help you make the best possible push right from the get go. If you want to make a splash in a new market outside of your comfort zone of friends, family and colleagues then the social media world is where you should start.

What makes you different?

I work in flexible marketing. None of my packages are cookie cutter packages, each is tailored to what you need/want to get your desired results. If something isn’t working I won’t continue the same thing, we will move on, change directions to get you the traction you need. I won’t sell you something I don’t think you absolutely need. There are too many opportunists out there and that isn’t why I started my business. I believe in relationships in business that are based on trust and responsibility.

I hired Meaghan to help my book sustain momentum from my book launch and she is remarkable with her knowledge and understanding marketing books.  I would highly recommend Meaghan as an innovative expert to advance books sales and visibility in a “noisy” marketplace.  The report card is in and my book became an Amazon “best-seller” and a top twenty book in 10 categories. She is the BEST!

Jane Jenkins Herlong

XM Sirius Radio Personality, Pandora Radio Personality, Speaker, Humorist, Author, Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP

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